Reopening the USA

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Updated 05/04/2020

Reopening the USA understanding dangers of doing so and not doing so; physician insight and real time collaboration in this continued Pandemic of viral mutations is necessary:

Suggested Plan:

1. Suggest that all Governors who mandated that patients remain in their homes, especially the elderly, hypertensive and diabetic patients especially those who have no personal physicians:

    • Give the patients multivitamins including Zinc and vitamin D3 and C / multivitamin with zinc… to take once a day prior to release.
    • Allow the state agency physicians to prescribe as they see fit and not limit low dose hydroxychloroquine to high risk and elderly patients or essential workers.
    • Allow physicians to treat as they see fit, including longer term, low dose such as one pill every per month Hydroxychloroquine to those at high risk who have had the coronavirus and those who have not yet, to protect them from subsequent Covid-19/20 infection with the understanding that the virus can/may mutate and hydroxychloroquine may limit severity of future strains as well.
    • Allow Physicians to consider prescribing for those adults who are at high risk, take one pill today, one pill tomorrow and one pill every month of hydroxychloroquine 200 mg along with daily zinc Vitamin C and D3. If your sicker and you know it take an extra pill that day and call your physician right away.
    • Allow those who are essential workers to be given low dose hydroxychloroquine by their physicians one pill per month and take an extra if you feel ill that day and speak with your physician.
    • Do not allow Covid-19 patients to stay at home without being treated: Happy Hypoxemia of this disease mandates pulse oximeter checks routinely.  i. ii.

2. Hold the Governors and Pharmacy Boards as well as the state Attorney Generals responsible for any who have interfered in the practice of medicine, including limiting the availability and prescription of hydroxychloroquine to those who are at risk for or who have been demonstrated to have symptoms or harm from the Covid-19 virus who have Allowed Physicians to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine in low dose along with needed zinc and other helpful vitamins and those who mandated stay at home orders for those with Covid-19 to “ride it out” without a pulse oximeter or other mechanisms of checking on patients.

    • a. Partner with patients who were refused the medication to hold those responsible

Many Governors and Pharmacy Boards have restricted the use of Hydroxychloroquine as outpatients and this we believe has caused the deaths of and permanent damage to many patients throughout the United States.

Documentation of possible mutations and recurrences:

Consult with your physician for consideration of the above.