Origins of COVID

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Updated May 1, 2020

China may or may not have caused this Covid-19 or may have just been the patsy:

… Was China “set up” to steal the Trojan Horse of Covid-19 designed to be spread from China to keep its true inventors anonymous and safe from financial repercussions. Gilead and the ties to coronavirus research, Remdesivir, Boston University Ft. Dietrich, Univ of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt Univ ….and perhaps China “stealing” the virus. Let’s explore… it could have just been China… lets keep our minds open as we gather evidence:

GS-5734 aka Remdesivir efficacy is evaluated against “Prepandimic” Bat Coronavirus in 2017- – From University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Sci Transl Med. 2017 Jun 28;9(396). pii: eaal3653. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aal3653.1

Broad-spectrum antiviral GS-5734 inhibits both epidemic and zoonotic coronaviruses. Sheahan TP1, Sims AC1, Graham RL1, Menachery VD1, Gralinski LE1, Case JB2, Leist SR1, Pyrc K3, Feng JY4, Trantcheva I4, Bannister R4, Park Y4, Babusis D4, Clarke MO4, Mackman RL4, Spahn JE4, Palmiotti CA4, Siegel D4, Ray AS4, Cihlar T4, Jordan R4, Denison MR5, Baric RS6. Author information


Emerging viral infections are difficult to control because heterogeneous members periodically cycle in and out of humans and zoonotic hosts, complicating the development of specific antiviral therapies and vaccines. Coronaviruses (CoVs) have a proclivity to spread rapidly into new host species causing severe disease. Severe acute respiratory syndrome CoV (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome CoV (MERS-CoV) successively emerged, causing severe epidemic respiratory disease in immunologically naïve human populations throughout the globe. Broad-spectrum therapies capable of inhibiting CoV infections would address an immediate unmet medical need and could be invaluable in the treatment of emerging and endemic CoV infections. We show that a nucleotide prodrug, GS-5734, currently in clinical development for treatment of Ebola virus disease, can inhibit SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV replication in multiple in vitro systems, including primary human airway epithelial cell cultures with submicromolar IC50 values. GS-5734 was also effective against bat CoVs, prepandemic bat CoVs, and circulating contemporary human CoV in primary human lung cells, thus demonstrating broad-spectrum anti-CoV activity. In a mouse model of SARS-CoV pathogenesis, prophylactic and early therapeutic administration of GS-5734 significantly reduced lung viral load and improved clinical signs of disease as well as respiratory function. These data provide substantive evidence that GS-5734 may prove effective against endemic MERS-CoV in the Middle East, circulating human CoV, and, possibly most importantly, emerging CoV of the future.

Copyright © 2017 The Authors, some rights reserved; exclusive licensee American Association for the Advancement of Science. No claim to original U.S. Government Works.

It may be helpful for Senators to have some background on the invention of Remdesivir at Ft Dietrich in Maryland and the subsequent research on Gilead at Boston University and where the research for the Coronavirus was done and what research at Boston University was stolen or was allowed to be stolen by China

Dr. Lieber from Boston is he Sayanim?

But the question remains… why Boston University and Univ of NC Chapel Hill? What do they have that China wants? What secrets does Boston Univ have? See below:

Boston Bats Virus research in 2017

now looking for cure

Since 1969, this warren of Army research labs known as USAMRIID has served as the Defense Department’s lead laboratory for medical biological defense research. It has worked with biotech firms such as Gilead to discover drugs including Remdesivir — an antiviral to fight Ebola — which may work on COVID-19. USAMRIID has worked with the CDC, National Institutes of Health [NIH] and private drug companies to bring these drugs to market

Why was Ft Dietrich shut down in August of 2019?

History of Ft. Dietrich and other scares of anthrax- Anthrax originated from Ft Dietrich in 2001

Anthrax archive destroyed The FBI and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) both gave permission for Iowa State University to destroy the Iowa anthrax archive and the archive was destroyed on October 10 and 11, 2001.[83]

The FBI and CDC investigation was hampered by the destruction of a large collection of anthrax spores collected over more than seven decades and kept in more than 100 vials at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Many scientists claim that the quick destruction of the anthrax spores collection in Iowa eliminated crucial evidence useful for the investigation. A precise match between the strain of anthrax used in the attacks and a strain in the collection would have offered hints as to when bacteria had been isolated and, perhaps, as to how widely it had been distributed to researchers. Such genetic clues could have given investigators the evidence necessary to identify the perpetrators.[83]

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg- she fingered people at Ft Dietrich Hatfill, Dr Zeke

and was used to kill journalists Robert K. “Bob” Stevens photo editor Sun and

Reports from co-workers that Mr. Stevens sniffed a letter addressed to the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez in care of The Sun, a letter that had a Star of David and bluish powder, did not surprise Mr. Harrison.

The Israel Institute of Special Procedures ties to Anthrax and false prosecution lead by Mueller and Comey US had to pay Hatfill over 5 million in damages.

A history of Remdesivir

Inflation bias, also known as “p-hacking” or “selective reporting,” is the misreporting of true effect sizes in published studies. It occurs when researchers try out several statistical analyses and/or data eligibility specifications and then selectively report those that produce significant results

Professor Didier Raoult:

Could Anthony Fauci explain why the investigators of the NIAID remdesivir trial did change the primary outcome during the course of the project (16th April)? Removing “death” from primary outcome is a surprising decision.

Other discussion about the possible p-hack:

Meanwhile Gilead’s CEO met with Pres. Trump in the Oval Office today:

And the FDA granted an EUA to the drug:

Why is the Mossad pointing to China? Should they be opening their books?

How much research had gone on in the US about Remdesivir and Coronavirus in the past? Vanderbilt University? Boston University? Where else?

Vanderbilt University GS-5734 aka Remdesivir

Trials for Ebola in 2016

Boston University links “Additionally, the broad-spectrum antiviral 53activity of GS-5734 in vitro against other pathogenic RNA viruses − including filoviruses, 54arenaviruses, and coronaviruses − suggests the potential for expanded indications. GS-5734 is 55amenable to large-scale manufacturing, and clinical studies investigating the safety and 56pharmacokinetics of GS-5734 in humans are ongoing.”

Studies of Remdesivir Faulty or show no benefit:

What Are the Side Effects of Remdesivir?

Dany Shoham may know about secret biological weapons programs Mr Shoham says he was a Mossad lieutenant colonel specialist in biological and chemical warfare. Please consider following links to Boston University and then to other academic centers in Massachusetts 2016. March 2. Travis K. Warren (USAMRIID) and other scientists affiliated with USAMRIID, Boston University, and Gilead Sciences publish “Therapeutic efficacy of the small molecule GS-5734 against Ebola virus in rhesus monkeys” describing a preclinical study of GS-5734 in Rhesus monkeys.

Also keep in mind Rafael Eitan aka Rafi Eitan who worked with MI6 to harm the IRA see his Wikipedia page And Rafi Eitan also “stole” uranium from the USA for Israel’s atomic bomb in 1985

Rafi Eitan, spy at center of Israel’s great uranium heist from the U.S.

It seems the owner of the uranium mine was in on the theft….So this is simply people imbedded in US and working for other governments

There may be a pattern where imbedded people in our government, businesses and judiciary, allow things to be stolen without publicity.

Duckett said it was possible the uranium was smuggled out of Apollo with the help of Zalman Shapiro, president of the company that owned the factory and a man who had business interests in Israel. The NRC report points out that the CIA made the NRC more aware of a possible threat from within the nation’s uranium factories.

1 Bill Clinton in homage to Walmart put China in the WTO wrote them into give most favored nation trading status paving the way for takeover of pharmaceutical production.

Group Purchasing organizations(GPO’s) and Pharmacy Benefit Managers(PBMs) as well as Distributors (AmerisourceBergen,

2. China may not be behind the invention of the Wuhan virus or Covid-19 but their embarrassment at having it “leak out” or be “set off like the opening of a Trojan Horse” perhaps from their level 4 lab or maybe in another area like the seafood market.

We know that United States has been conditioned that we are going to see a pandemic.

Let’s watch our for deception… a bit of background reading is “By way of Deception” shows how fake signals from Libya were given to make USA take action and more.

The people who run the finances (that Bridgewater capital bet was on the collapse of global markets) Goldman Sachs Placed the trade.

We are now aware that the United States funded a great deal of research at the Wuhan level 4 lab. Rumor has it that up until a few years ago or months ago an owner of the lab was one George Soros and or Lazard ownership.

We are also aware that the company owners were in part Lazard

Gilead stands to benefit a great deal as does the entire pharmacy benefit manager group purchasing organization chain and the major hospitals/American hospital association and universities in what is

amounting to a significant portion of our entire economy.

With physicians, independent physicians, figured out early that the office switch to the medication to the virus is hydroxychloroquine. We also knew that zinc played a roll. It is quite frankly impossible that Gilead spending millions of dollars on research Remdesivir, the coronavirus, Ebola and related issues did not know that the “off switch” of hydroxychloroquine.

For Gilead covered-up side-effects in order to protect patents in the past was just a business decision. So patients sue Gilead over bad behavior

Understanding that Zeke Emanuel’s comment saying that the GPO’s and PBMs reason for being is that senatorial congressional campaigns are very expensive and they donate money leads to the understanding that the money goes to the media companies and the media companies are in on this (New York Times Washington post cnn etc. their leader ship will still not publish anything about hydroxychloroquine being beneficial early on; why? It should be at least curious that the FDA is not allowing treatment of patients with or high-risk patients we hydroxychloroquine and recruiting the state medical societies and Federation of medical associations to restrict physicians

It should also be interesting at the CDC and their reagent problems and tests manufacturing was more critical to them then just buying the tests from Germany or some other country. They were more interested in making money for our medical congressional media industrial GPOS/pbm complex.

So who is it that allowed the Chinese to steal this virus from us? Was it a Trojan horse a plant that they could not resist stealing? Perhaps they are just the Patsys. Is it not strange that this is the zeke emanuel virus, the virus that kills off all the 80-year-old and those who are ill/overweight/hypertensive/members of the black communityAnd he’s high risk individuals are being prevented from being able to use hydroxychloroquine early without one of the fake tests becoming positive and without being in a hospital when hydroxychloroquine is of little use. Is it not a coincidence that the university of Pennsylvania has Mr. Redfield and Mr. Hahn running the CDC and FDA as well as other people high in the government. This virus is meant to make Trump look bad but nobody figured out that he would come up with the hydroxychloroquine antidote. Penn’s David Cohen is Joe Biden’s biggest supporter. Now it is time not only to implement the antidote to the high risk people but they get the country going again and to round up the criminals who are behind this terrorist virus.

Let’s pull the Gilead documents, let’s pull the documents from our Central intelligence agency and others to figure out which intelligence agency is behind this, worldwide and how is Soros and Bridgewater Capital involved.

We also need to look at the banking system; this is better than world war for all the borrowing that is going on against the central banks. The owners of the federal reserve stand to make a fortune not just in the United States but throughout the world by every country need to borrow money. The owners of the European media – the six families that own the Economist magazine and the families that own other large aspects of our economy may be in on it. A spy once told me… when we start a spy network in a country the first thing we do is open a newspaper or media outlet and gather information. Which news Media is infiltrated by the intelligence organizations of other countries? Is it the Economist? The Times the Washington Post? Is it strange that control of the Washington post transferred after a “suicide.” We have over 300 million hydroxychloroquine pills and we need zinc and we need to stop this virus , this terrorism weapon and hold those accomplices responsible. In the us and abroad. We can get the country moving again quickly.

Let’s look to Harvard and a Penn and Hopkins Stanford and boston university to see how they are involved and modify our sysrem if United States tyrannical government control (limited by term limits in he presidency but unlimited term limits at the NIH and FDA where Fauci has been dictator for 3 or 4 decades… longer than Putin or Xi Ping.

Is there a possible way Fauci is not aware HCQ is the antidote? Is there a possible way Fauci did not know this virus kills black Americans preferentially, so why did he refused to get documentation.

Put a Fauci under close observation as we investigate. It is suggested we begin with the records from the Mossad…. there are good and bad factions in catholic priests etc and there are good and bad in the FBI CiA and Mossad. Let’s find out how the US and the world has been played “By way of Deception”. . Or if this is true or what portion is true. And who knew when about the release of the virus and the plans associate with its development and theft. If any.

Looking deeper than the media spin will not be easy and will be thwarted at every turn.

We are not suicidal… May the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob protect us all.

China’s Research on Coronavirus research about coronavirus and making cor

Jan 21 R

Duoyi Xo Bo

Chen Wei took control of lab chen quanjoio

June 2010 research to susceptibility

Modified key amino acid Shi Zhengli Virus researcher at Wuhan Virology Institute

Ratg13 natural origin

P4 Lab

Biosecurtity law- China

Patient Zero – Huang Yanling

Institute whistleblower Chen xhoudo

Speading rumors-

Gordon Chang



Larry Klinger Texas

Document Number 9 China

Common perhaps “ Mis-understanding”:

Corona virus deceit and Response Coup

Despite deep philosophical and government differences between United States and Chinese communist government, the US became dependent on cheap Chinese goods. From electronics and medical devices to pharmaceuticals and related goods, the US enjoyed an inexpensive subcontractor in Communist China for decades. Occasionally, Chinese industries would put carcinogenic poison in pills, that should’ve been our first clue that they weren’t on “our side.“

To current information, coronavirus was first detected in mid November by Dr. Li Wen Liang. The Chinese communist government suppressed him and the information for a month and a half. During this time, the unknown stealth virus sickened and killed Chinese citizens. Unfortunately, Dr. Wen Liang died after contracting the virus.

When the United States first became aware of the coronavirus issue in China in early January, toward the end of the Democrats house impeaching President Trump and the Senate Republicans exonerating him, no one was paying attention to the corona virus issue in China.

In early January, the president’s administration learned of the issue and promptly issued travel bans to Asian countries to prevent the spread of disease. Democrat politicians insisted the bans be halted and called the President “racist” through the news media.

In February, the CDC insisted that private companies “stand down” while they developed a test for coronavirus to be used. They failed to find a useful test they could scale up. They then gave the

authorization for private industry. Democrat NY mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York and House Speaker Pelosi of CA told everyone to go out and patronize restaurants in person. They showed pictures and PR pieces demonstrating them eating out.

In early March, the CDC and Dr. Fauci, a long time Clinton and Obama supporter, called for social distancing but denied that healthcare workers needed to wear protection equipment.

In mid March, the CDC and Dr. Fauci message had changed to recommend closing all nonessential services, businesses, and public places for gatherings, and now called for healthcare workers to wear personal protection equipment. There were notable shortages of equipment, ventilators and such, which Democrat mayor of New York Deblasio and governor of New York Cuomo demanded that the president produce somehow and send. The president rounded up and ventilators and sent a military ship hospital to New York Harbor to care for patients. Democrats in the media hounded him that it would never be enough or fast enough because a month was needed for supply. President Trump produce the goods in one week, a new record for government response. Did the media acknowledge this? Nope.

(Proof positive that Hydroxychloroquine works:

1. Refused by Democrat NY Gov Cuomo who then ordered loads of it for trial

2. Banned by Democrat Gov Sisolak of NV and then hoarded it

3. Restricted by Democrat MI Gov Widmer

4. Restricted by Democrat NJ Gov Murphy)

In early April, democrat governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy, as well as the Democrat governors of NV and MI, restricted the prescription of hydroxychloroquine for use only in the sickest patients. Groups of physicians stepped up to challenge as they believed and continue to believe that this medicine was more effectively used in early stages of the disease, and governor Murphy had no medical license or mandate to alter or deny their prescriptions. Did the media comment on this challenge to the governors power, from physicians that believe it could be life-saving? Nope.

Now the CDC and Dr. Fauci Oregon changing their tunes that healthcare workers must wear masks of some sort, as well as, the general population when they go outside. I wonder if they realize that it is not the air that is poisoned?

This is all symptomatic of the same partisan politics problem we have in Washington DC. The Democrat left refuses to acknowledge the presidency of Donald Trump or work with him or any Republican Congress people despite their legal elections. Further, they have spent three years in trying to establish that somehow he colluded with Russia to be elected, which was debunked multiple times. Furthermore, they then proceeded to impeach him on a partisan basis, with one democrat congressmen holding against impeachment and changing parties to Republican. now, the Democrats are restricting doctors prescriptions and shutting down the economy, in hopes that “the pain that people feel,“ from the loss of life, due to the virus and Democrat leaders restrictions on treatment and prevention of corona virus, and the economic pain of being out of work, while the government taxes still accrue in full, is coup against President Donald Trump.

The American people are furious that this partisan war has usurped the media to unduly influence them. Further, our dependence on China has revealed that our supply chain is not diverse and vulner

any manner of disturbance. Furthermore, perhaps the super-virus is the result of Chinese government genetic engineering as a potent biological weapon. This needs to be thoroughly investigated.

American citizens recognize that the partisan actions are not only harming the United States economy, the very fabric of our country is founding, but the lives of thousands of Americans lost to illness that could have been treated or prevented. The American people will remember in November. Anyway, the ones who survive this horrible bitter game that politicians are playing with American lives.