Vitamin D3 C NAC Blackseed Zinc Elderberry Turmeric Pepcid GreenTea PineneedleTea Quercetin (Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin) for COVID–19


Quick Guide to Possible Pandemic Prophylaxis and Treatment -VitaD3&C NACetylcysteine Honey&BlackCumin MultiVitamin+minerals/Zinc + Elderberry Tumeric Pepcid GreenTea PineneedleTea DandelionTea & “Zinc Ionophores” and more… Click above RED link & read carefully and consider with your physician. Take now in small amounts? Ask your physician? New Covid-21 Spike Protein worse?!-  The possible early prophylaxis for any coronavirus including perhaps the Spike Protein shedding of those “vaccinated” for  Covid-19/21/xx. If not will children have increased risk of infertility and long term damage from the Spike Protein of  Covid-19 and Covid-21 in Vax or Virus form? This new Covid “mutation” appears to harm faster; a shift to higher dose dose of preventive medications if mild symptoms and earlier treatment prior to testing positive for Covid. BlackSeed Oil looks increasingly important in small amounts. The below links will be updated to include BlackSeed Oil/BlackCumin/Nagella Sativa as possible first line treatment or possible prophylaxis for your consideration. Please consider planting seeds and growing Nagella Sativa and Elderberry. Do not overdose blackseed oil- too much may not be better- everything in moderation. Adults and their physicians consider one teaspoon twice a day if sick and much less like one teaspoon every other day or less for possible prophylaxis. Click Here for a Possible Pandemic Prophylaxis Flow chart for your and your Physician’s consideration.

Caution- Consider favoring only Ultra Low dose Ivermectin for prophylaxis eg one 3mg per month or less. Consider reserving high dose Ivermectin for early/acute treatment hopefully after having started early prophylaxis with other medications. Ivermectin is expensive compared to Hyroxychloroquine and has short half life. OTC meds like Elderberry NAC VitaD3 C Green Tea PineNeedle Tea and Blackseed aka (BlackCumin Nagella Sativa Kolanji) are much less expensive and may be favorable for long-term prophylaxis over months to years. Consult your physician.

All about the SarsCov2 Spike Protein  that is made by the MRNA or by direct contract with the spike perhaps…  so lets not even mention other vectors. Could the SarsCov2 Spike have an S2 HIV type subunit that might only be activated by the binding of the S1 ACE2 subunit? Could this S2 subunit with Ace2 trigger be a  race specific HIV like Tcell damage activation mechanism and is it possible George Soros may not be affected? Will the same OTC medications vitamins and supplements above prevent damage from the Vax and or exposure to the spike protein? Are we constantly exposed to the SarsCov2 spike protein or variations/variants? Maybe the above meds will help? Perhaps the Declassification Board should declassify the SarsCov2 Spike Protein?

New Section- Pre-Cog- The Minorities Reports© /Inferential Deduction©- what is happening now  as we speak and what will happen in the future– brought to you by inference from the actions and inactions of various stakeholders smart money communities of finance, media and information. Financial Bio-Terror? Who benefits and who designed the situation? How can we modify the results… from VAERS reporting to other topics.

“Rainbow 666 – Operation Warped Greed”© DrXMD©- the possible DarkRainbow© take-down of our USA by bad intelligence agency operatives  embedded in our Smith-Mundt news Media and government utilizing a virus and dangerous vaccines. The dual citizens and operatives also known as “The DeepState”  orchestrating the misinformation. Could the vaccine have longterm unknown effects worse than the virus? Could the spike protein or portions of the spike protein cause harm, even if your own cells are programed by MRNA gene therapy “vaccines” or other SarsCov2 “vaccines”?

Race Specific ACE2 receptor Areas of the SarsCov2 spike protein?Oh my! Is this possible? Who will investigate? Will the Black Clergy or FBI and CIA and others? – Click Here to find out how ACE2 and Furin Proease Cleavage, TMPRSS2 Protease site and even an HIV GP41 portion of the spike protein… did a Bat do it with a Green Monkey? Ask the holders of the patents?


Possible Testicular Damage and Infertiliy from Covid-19/20 and/or the vaccine….even if no symptoms or “over” Covid. Vaccine may cause infertility as well. ACE2 receptor blockers (Elderberry, HCQ,  Black Cumin? etc) may decrease probability of infertility if taken before Covid-19 infection, so consider taking now. Ivermectin may allow body to kill intratesticular covid? Ask an MD.

Whats new: Biological Basis of Financial Bioterrorism from October 2019 to March 2020 and into the future-click here. From Wuhan Military Olympics Games to Goldman Sachs to Darkest Winter 2020 and the Kazakstan Connecton- preparing for the Plague…. Moderna and Emergent Biosystems pehraps dangerous Vaccines.  Consider taking Daily Zinc VitaD3&C and NAC and Honey&BlackCumin  as well  a long acting Zinc ionophore, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with half life of 22 days- get 30 pills at this time and consider taking at least one 200mg pill of HCQ per month or every other week before you get Covid (children much less) as you read on and prepare for the “Darkest Winter in Modern History” as Rick Bright from BARDA has promised the USA- stop the USDA from destroying our US food supply and importing beef and produce from Africa.

What is Newest: avoiding Long Haulers Covid-AIDS using early daily VitaD3C NAC Blackseed etc with Zinc and low dose zinc ionophores(elderberry/HCQ),  as well as late low dose Ivermectin- it gets technical.

Whats in progress-Newer:  HCQ Blackseed/Black Cumin/Nagella Sativa- Honey and avoiding chronic Covid and Vaccines- click here

Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and daily Zinc/Vitamin documents with history and Data Links: Click Here- the big early documents

If  took the HCQ and Zinc or are very young and healthy but did not test positive by PCR or IgM or IgG then likely have T-cell immunity which is likely best! If did not and went IgG/IgM positive without the Zinc+ HCQ then may have long term health damage effects of chronic immunity damage from “riding out the Covid-19.” Autistic children who did not get the Zinc + HCQ get reactivation Covid-19 from intracellular Covid not killed and bloody diarrhea due in part to gluthathione deficiency.  Consider treating Covid symptomatic autistic children with  Zinc and N-acetylcystine (which gets converted to glutathionein) Vita C&D in conjunction with very small amounts of HCQ. Consult a pediatrician. 

Mechanism of action of HCQ + Zinc on slowing Viral Replication and allowing aquisition of Tcell immunity

Urgent- PrEP for “Darkest Winter” 2020 click here for details: take Zinc low dose and Zinc Ionophore such as Elderberry, Quercetin or best is HCQ 200mg at least one pill per month get at least 28pills per person. Consult your physician- for low dose weight based protocol for thin/elderly patients. Secure food supply and prepare for more deadly and distructive instigated riots.

Protocols: Proposed Early Outpatient Treatment Protocols / Regimens For Your Consideration : *Click Here for details. Daily Zinc (11 to 30mg) and Multivitamin with Vitamin C & Vita D3( at 2,000IU or 5,000 if diabetic) and then- Hydroxychlroquine(HCQ) 200mg one pill today one pill tomorrow (one pill the day after if symptoms persist) and then once a week, then two weeks, then once a month or every two weeks in “Dark Winter” until the pandemic is over- if your sicker and you know it take an extra pill each  day you are sick (perhaps 1-4 days) and call your physician right away. * If lung symptoms, cardiac issues and/or possibility  of chlamydia infection add doxycycline or azithromycin. After acute phase consider returning  back to low dose HCQ 200mg once a week, then two weeks then three weeks then monthly until the pandemic and its mutations are over. 28 or 30  HCQ 200mg pills should last months. Both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield are warning of recurrence in fall of 2020, be prepared.

The importance of moderate amounts of daily zinc must be stressed and Hydroxychloroquin alone is not sufficient. Click here for mechanism of action details including the role of zinc in possibly preventing depression as zinc depletion as the root cause of  loss of sense of smell & taste, hairloss and cause of tinnitus(ringing in ears) in association with viral infections such as  Covid-19. 

Physicians throughout the United States are considering many options for treatment of Covid-19…the earlier the better. Hydroxychlroquine and Zinc 90% likely to be helpful.

Faulty Study by the Veterans Administration Hospitals: click for details

Origins of Covid-19, and research on the Pre-Pandemic Bat Coronaviruses within the USA- Click Here


Re-opening the Untied States: considerations during this Covid 2020 Pandemic for Zinc, Vitamin C and D3 and perhaps once a month Hydroxychloroquine 200mg with the understanding the spike protein can be or will  be worse Covid-20/21/22/23/24 with a higher death rate?- Click Here for Details.

Please contact your Physician for consideration of the use of Hydroxychloroquine. If your physician is unfamiliar, a physician who is familiar may be able to help. Consider sharing this information- or locating one through any source. The websites  FrontlineMD’s or  are not endorsed but are some  of many options available on the internet. If you are a physician and need to prescribe medications and cannot locate hydroxychloroquine, consider independent pharmacists. The website  or InfinitePharmacy may be  available for physicians who need medications delivered to their patients. The sites are not endorsed but may be available on the internet if you cannot find medications locally. It is strongly suggested you purchase locally from a pharmacy not associated with a national chain.




Think of all the people of the United States and the world as being at risk of being in free-fall pushed from a plane (infected with Covid-19) but they don’t know they are falling … rapidly accelerating viral load and it may take three to six weeks for the “high risk” people to hit the ground (hospitalization) but you don’t know you’re falling(virus replicating exponentially). The only tests to indicate you are falling (virus is replicating) may be faulty and may tell you just one week- too late, just before you may hit the ground hard(ventilator) or the low risk likely have a hard but survivable landing, hitting the water. The young and healthy may land safely, never realizing they have fallen, although some may have a hard landing and have chronic resulting issues from taking the fall without the parachute. If high risk or elderly, you may achieve terminal velocity (viral replication is too high and overwhelming your body) before you realize you are very sick. One parachute is Hydroxychloroquine and daily Zinc and other vitamins like D3 and C (which slows viral replicating velocity) and if you open the parachute early you may not be hospitalized (your body may be able to fight the slowed down virus with your own immune system). Open the parachute after you realize you’re falling (take hydroxychloroquine +Zinc late, when or after the PCR test is positive) and it may be too late: you may be at terminal velocity and just told you are falling, the parachute may not open fully and you may hit the ground perhaps breaking ribs and have to be on a ventilator. Open the parachute early and you may slow viral replication by log 10! The cost of hydroxychloroquine may be as little as one dollar per pill and all you may need is on average one pill per week ….or less after a small loading dose. The risk of taking such low dose early is minimal, the medication has been FDA approved since 1955 and used in much higher doses.

If you are symptomatic, hurry ….you may be falling fast. Anyone over 50 with certain preexisting conditions may not survive and if they do may have or be at higher risk for permanent lung or heart injury if they just “ride it out”.

Those who do not take early treatment medications or OTC remedies  may have a higher risk of hypoxia or lung or heart scaring if they survive. Those on lisinopril/captopril (Ace inhibitors) or losartan/valsartan/diovan (ARBs) or are diabetic or elderly fall faster (Virus replicates faster in those patients). Those who are hospitalized may be permanently disqualified from certain jobs in the future like being a pilot in the armed forces of the United States of America.

Many elderly Italians died because they had to wait for the test to show they were falling and about to hit the ground. They did not get hydroxychloroquine/Zinc at home when it may have worked, only in the hospital when it may be too late if not taken in larger doses and/or with other medications like Azythromycin. The US Veterans and those in nursing homes may meet the same fate as those elderly Italians if not allowed to be treated early.

The whistle-blower physician in China, Li Wenliang, screamed it in December 2019, had 6 negative tests in January and Jan 30 2020 tested positive so he could get treatment- ECMO (Super-Ventilator). He died days later on 7 Feb 2020.

In the USA we don’t have socialized medicine yet. Independent physicians should not have to rely on Fauci’s faulty falling tests ( nasal swab PCR tests). Many are falling, isolated but still falling. Consider opening the parachute early if symptomatic. Consider taking low dose 200mg hydroxychloroquine early and once a week or so. Also daily Zinc as well as take vitamin D3, and vitamin C. Zinc is most important. Avoid hitting the ground at terminal velocity.

The risk of opening the parachute early ( taking low dose hydroxychloroquine 200mg per week or less after small loading dose if needed) even in the elderly is small (see documents for risks of upset stomach, arrhythmia or other issues that may be minimized using certain precautions if warranted). Low dose hydroxychloroqine alone has little danger of side effects and is even safe in pregnancy in malaria prophylaxis doses which long term is higher than those doses needed for early Covid-19 intervention. There may be other OTC medications and regimens that may help more or in combination. See Quick Guide above. Consultation with your physician is recommended.

There is a risk of repeated free-fall… the Covid-19 spike is changing or changed. Consider taking OTC meds and Hydroxychloroquine 200mg once a month or so, to prepare for further mutations and to treat any re-activations which have also been postulated. Consider continued daily multivitamin and vitamin C and D3 as well as the blackseed and more as above. The half-life of HCQ is at least 22 days.

PrEP4Covid© ….. PrEP4DarkWinter….© US military may be familiar with these strangely named  military exercises- don’t be scared, be prepared.


Dr. X, MD